Oleh: evinovi | November 30, 2010

Is English difficult?

The answer depends on your own perception. For me, because I like learning English, I don’t think that this international language is difficult. Yes, there were times when I got confused with grammar, vocabularies and pronunciation. That’s some of the challenges that I faced during my early years in learning English. I still make grammatical mistakes therefore, I keep on studying English. If you feel that English is difficult to master, you need to share the burden with other English learners. They will encourage you to keep on moving ahead and become successful English speaker. Today the number of people who use English as Second and Foreign language is higher than the native speakers. Even in Asia, you can find countries such as Singapore and Malaysia where English is used in every aspects of the citizens life. It means English is not difficult. All we need in mastering this language is patience and persistence.

Is Grammar important?

English grammar is an integral part of English language. It cannot be separated with all other aspects of English learning. One cannot master this international language only by studying conversation and vocabulary. Grammar is a set of rules that help people to arrange words in the form of subject, verb, object, and adverbs, and etc. to make up a sentence or sentences. By studying grammar, ideas or opinion can be expressed in well ordered sentences. Learners frequently say that English grammar is one of the most difficult subjects that they have ever studied. As a matter of fact some people say that grammar is interesting. It helps them master language easily. Well, I will not say that grammar is easy but it can be mastered if we are serious in dealing with it.

To study grammar, you need a number of Grammar books which you can find at a local bookstore or order directly from an online bookstore. Grammar lessons should be studied from the easiest level such as learning singular and plural nouns. After that students can study the present of be and the simple present tense. Here, English learners start to compose simple sentences about their identity and daily habits.

Grammar is an essential part of a language. Mastering English grammar is a must for everybody who wants to communicate in English fluently. There are a lot of books in the bookstores where learners can buy to study grammar. When I was a university student, I bought English Grammar in Use – a self study reference and practice book for intermediate students of English. It was around 17 years ago. When I review grammar books that are suitable for intermediate level courses, I still see that Raymond Murphy’s books are still relevant.

Another book that I should recommend to you is The Oxford English Grammar. The author of the book is Sydney Greenbaum. Oxford is a great name in the ears of English learners. When we hear this name we will remember Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, The New Oxford Picture Dictionary and various other dictionaries. (Taken from :http://englishland.or.id/)


  1. I do love English ma’am 😀

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